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Describing Breast Cancer Gene

The Breast Cancer Gene is the faulty gene with which a woman can be born which might have put her to a high risk of suffering from a breast cancer. The breast cancer is a disease in which family history has a great role to play as if some of the blood related relative is suffering from the disease of breast cancer then there are chances that that person might also develop breast cancer at some of the stage of life. This Breast Cancer Gene mostly is suffered by the women and there is hardly any case of men suffering from this disease. The meaning of this disease is that a tumor develops in the inner lining of the breast where the milk ducts are present which is responsible for producing milk. The Breast Cancer Gene is not a very severe disease and it can be hundred percent cure through the treatment like some of the treatment that s followed is that it can be overcome through the antibiotics and going through the surgery and sometime the patient has to undergo a radiation practice to get cured of the disease at all. There are many women in this world who are affected by this disease but they don’t need to worry as it is curable.

DNA molecules

Various characteristics

Some of the characteristics of this breast cancer is that it is basically a hereditary disease that means if the mother or grandmother has suffered from this disease then there are chances that the Breast Cancer Gene is also present in the descendant of this generation. So if any women has the knowledge that someone in the family history has suffered from this disease before then the lady should definitely get herself checked because the chances of getting affected by the disease. There are several ways by which the lady can get herself treated. The initial stages of the treatment is that the doctor who are looking for the cause and the effected Breast Cancer Gene then the doctor will check the relative who has already suffered from such a disease. The blood of the relative is checked for the disease to find out the problem in the problem in the genetic code. What basically happens in this disease is that genetic mutation takes place that is the gene while copying a code from the parent gene does a mistake or while breaking into different cell the copying of the code goes wrong. The lady should definitely not hesitate in talking about this Breast Cancer Gene disease as it is one of the most popular diseases that has affected the ladies across the globe.

Few points

Some of the treatment of this Breast Cancer Gene doesn’t require the blood of the relative while some of the labs are such that they conduct the test on the patient that is at a risk of suffering from this disease. The Breast Cancer Gene effects the women mostly in the later stages of age of the life cycle of the women and chances are most when the lady is of thirty five or above is bearing a pregnancy.

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