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Breast Cancer Gene with breast Cancer Genetics

Breast Cancer Gene is a most frequent cause of breast cancer in women. It has been proved through scientific experiments that the women carrying history of breast cancer in their families are also affected with the same decease in most of the cases. The chances of getting affected with breast cancer get intense with the increasing age. There are two types of Breast Cancer Gene. These are BRCA1 and BRCA2. These two genes are responsible for the growth of cancer cells in women. Although the normal growth of these two genes prevent the cancer in women but any abnormal growth increases the risk of breast cancer. The abnormal behaviour of Breast Cancer Gene is inherited in most of the cases. Data collected on the breast cancer clearly support this fact. Although in most cases this decease is inherited but in some cases it is acquired also.

Breast cancer awareness. Woman in pink bra with a pink ribbon tied to the strap, a reminder of the importance of breast examination in healthcare and medicine, to maintain and sustain a cancer-free, healthy lifestyle.

Some genetic reproductions which are abnormal in nature can also cause this decease. Some environmental factors are also responsible for this problem in women like regular exposure to the toxic materials. Bad eating habits are also responsible for this decease. Studies show that both the environmental factors and genetic factors are responsible for the breast cancer. One factor alone is not responsible full for this decease. Genes which are tumour suppressor in nature are very helpful to prevent the cancer. Their working involves the breaking of tumour building cycle which ultimately helps in reducing the risk of tumour and preventing it. Awareness in the society is very much needed to prevent this decease because breast cancer can be cured when diagnosed at an early stage but it is very difficult to cure a tumour when it is in the last stage. Abnormal behaviour of Breast Cancer Gene is the prime cause of breast cancer in women.


Breast Cancer Gene is very much responsible for the breast cancer in women. This type of cancer is also visible in men but the percentage of men affected with this type of cancer is very much less than to the number of women. There are some usual symptoms which can be observed related to these decease. Blood comes out of the nipples and redness of skin around nipples is some common symptoms. Breast Cancer Gene abnormality can be checked at early stages of the cancer and treatment should be done at early stage only.

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Breast Cancer Gene is considered as the responsible cause of breast cancer in women but there is no concrete proof for it. Medical science is still searching for the concrete information about this decease. Studies show that approximately 10 percent of all the breast cancer cases are because of inheritance of cancer affected genes. Abnormal behaviour of Breast Cancer Gene BRCA1 and BRCA2 in your DNA will put you on a higher risk of being affected with this decease. Women who have got their periods started at a very early age and got the menopause at a late age are more prone to this cancer.

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